Carlvin Justice

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Carlvin Justice is facing a serious challenge to keep his property in Berkeley, Oakland’s neighbor to the north. For him, gentrification means wealthy people coming into a community and “disposing” the people already there. Carlvin had property that was originally purchased by friends through investors in 2007. He says that when his friend’s grandfather had passed away, the property had unpaid back taxes, and he decided to help out by taking care of the taxes in order to keep the property within the community. However, due to various legal complications, he is currently in danger of losing his property. He says he is fighting his case in court and has even met with Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson.

But bringing it back to Oakland, Carl sees parts that are in good shape and other parts that need support. He feels that community cooperation and support will help make things better. He thinks going door to door in Oakland neighborhoods to get input from people directly is the best way to find out what people’s needs are and what they are going through.

Because of Carl’s current fight to stay put in his residence he is very passionate about the gentrification going on in the East Bay. He’s been living here since 1983, when he came from New York to be with his parents. He says, “I don’t think that corporations should come in and take over a community without knowing that community. I think they should get to know the community first.”