Interview Team

Interviewers and Volunteers

Ernesto Arevalo

Born and raised in Oakland, Ernesto has been interested in environmental issues from a very young age. After graduating from UC Davis with a B.S. in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning, he went on to join CBE in East Oakland as a resident leader in 2015. Acknowledging the complexities of environmental justice issues, Ernesto supports efforts to address gentrification and displacement. Currently, as the CARE (Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Enhancement) Coordinator for Richmond and Wilmington, his work focuses on ensuring significant community participation in climate adaptation and resiliency efforts. 

Sierra Bundy

An Oakland native and resident, Sierra’s favorite Town activities include exploring the Redwoods, sitting at Lake Merritt, and meeting other natives who are enthusiastic about the city’s culture. 

Cyntheria Owens

An x-ray technician and student, Cyntheria has lived in the Bay Area for five years. Starting in the autumn of 2016, she will continue her education at UC Berkeley. Her choice pastimes include socializing and going to movies.

Daphna Garcia

Student at Merritt College and Oakland resident.

Nehanda Imara

A community organizer, teacher, and longtime resident of Oakland, Nehanda has a long history of activism around environmental justice and other social justice issues concerning people of color. With CBE, she led successful initiatives to help improve the quality of life for East Oaklanders. Her leadership in a recent campaign to lessen air pollution in East Oakland led to the Oakland City Council authorizing a plan to reroute big-rig trucks from residential streets.