Julius Foster

Listen to Julius’ interview!

Julius Foster has lived in Oakland for 33 years, North Oakland in particular. He is a widower and is continuing his education. His mother, “a strict and strong” woman, raised him and his sibling as a single parent. Mr. Foster recalls how his mother had strong values she inherited from her parents and which she passed down to him.

In addition to his mother, Julius speaks highly of his late wife, who passed away in 2013. These were the most important people in his life. He says that these women, his mother and wife, were his teachers. They were nurturing and supportive to him.

If Julius could change anything about Oakland, he would have younger people focus more on God and education and respecting their elders and parents. These values are very important to him, especially respecting one’s elders, since he says those that came before you paved a way for those who came after. Julius is concerned for the youth of today, and he hopes to be an inspiration and a light to them.

For Julius, Oakland is a great melting pot and one of the most unusual places in the world. He says if go to the South and there is still a lot of segregation. But Oakland has the mixing of all the races, and this is a good thing.