Marjorie Edmond

Check out Marjorie’s interview below!

Straightforward, conscientious, plainspoken.  This interview with Marjorie Edmond, an Oaklander for all her 44 years, is wonderfully candid.

Marjorie grew up in East Oakland, spent some time on the streets, and later moved to West Oakland.  In spite of her challenges and difficult experiences, she has managed to remain a “trusting” and “believing” woman.  As she strives towards new goals—like getting her bachelor’s degree—she tries to turn everything she’s learned in life into something positive and to grow in wisdom.  When asked how she was able to prevail as a trusting person, Marjorie simply says, “By surviving.”

Marjorie sees opportunities everywhere.  She appreciates the resources available for low-income families, such as Medical, financial aid for school, and other services. “Oakland is just a city like any other city,” she says, and it’s people’s choices that make the city what it is.  For her part, she doesn’t allow any excuse to prevent her from improving the lives of her and her two daughters.

Education and helping others are priorities for Marjorie, who already has an A. A. in community social services.  When she gets her Bachelor of the Arts in psychology, she is interested in counseling and helping people through addictions.

What would you change about Oakland?  “Myself.”  “It’s nothing that I’m powerless over.”  She wants to lead by example for the people that surround her, like her children. 

What do you hope for your future?  She already has her A.A. in community social services.  She wants to get her B.A., be a productive member of society, and help others.

Marjorie Edmond brought a picture of her mother, Melody, who gave birth to her in Oakland.  She also brought a picture of her graduating from Merritt College at Paramount Theater with her two girls.

What does Oakland mean to you?  “A place to live. It’s whatever you choose to do.”