Ardis Taylor Jr.

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Part II

Ardis Taylor is an intelligent man who has worn many different hats, from real estate agent, to special education teacher, to musician. He is currently a fashion designer specializing in vintage apparel.  Working in the fashion industry has given Ardis a great understanding of the dynamics of fashion and how society can get so caught up in the hype of attire.  He says many people lose sight of how fashion is meant to be fun and to be used as a statement, rather than something to hide and cover up what’s going on internally.  Mr. Taylor gives credit to his family, friends, peers, and the city of Oakland—which provided a great environment for him to grow up—for being the man he is today. He believes that when a person follows his or her spirit, he or she can do anything. He also believes that whatever job one does, putting one’s entire effort into it will build character. He hopes that many more men and women of color will look out side of the box and come to know the power within themselves, to dream, and to put in the work to make their dreams a reality.