Lawrence Saffold

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Lawrence Saffold has lived in Oakland for 22 years, since his family migrated to California from Texas. Lawrence describes himself as a young black brother that was raised by a single mother. His father was never really in his life. He has a godfather that became his father, taught him how to be a man, and how to take care of a family.

Lawrence is in his final semester at Merritt Community College and is enjoying every bit of it. He is majoring in musical therapy. He dreams of helping people with AIDS, cancer, and those who are suicidal through music. As a student, he has provided musical therapy to people and shown them how music can bring balance to one’s mindset.

Living in Oakland has been an inspiration for Lawrence. He especially loves the beauty of Merritt College: sitting at the top of a hill, it has an amazing view of almost the entire city of Oakland and other parts of the Bay Area, including San Francisco. Lawrence likes the view at night, too; he looks at all the lights and he sees the larger world and so many different places. “We don’t need the Big Apple; we got it,” he says.

While Lawrence is grounded in his day-to-day life in Oakland, he has global aspirations. He wants to know his roots and travel to Africa, and he wants to be continually giving back to people. Moreover, he wishes for a world in which there is no violence. Lawrence says, “We’ve got so many different powers than just using guns and objects. We’ve got words. Weve got hands.”