Dr. Siri Brown

Check out Siri’s interview!

Dr. Siri Brown, head of the Africana Studies department at Merritt College in Oakland, was raised in the Fruitvale area and came from a family that is strong-willed, determined, and that promoted pride in their African heritage. Her family history is rich. For instance, Ms. Brown’s great-grandmother founded the first black elderly home in San Jose, and her family helped introduce Juneteenth to the San Jose area, a holiday which is still being celebrated there to this day.

Siri’s strong educational background in African and African American history prompted her to earn her doctorate as a historian of African Studies. She is also a community activist and an educator at the local community colleges and the University of California. In and outside of her classroom, Dr. Brown stresses the importance of knowing your history, especially for people from black and brown communities. Anyone who has spent a little time with Dr. Brown knows her commitment and that she will stop at nothing to help her students and those in her community.

Siri believes Oakland is a unique place filled with creative people whom make amazing music, amazing musicians, amazing politicians, and amazing movements. And after listening to her interview, you will see that Dr. Brown is one of the creative people that makes Oakland so special!